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Good nutrition starts with good habits. Together we’ll review your options and get you started on your journey to better nutritional habits.


Wellness is a lifestyle decision that encompasses the physical, mental and relational. Stay positive, stay on track, be well.


Performance isn’t just an academic or athletic exercise. We’ll work to align your body and brain for better focus and drive.

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Brandi C.

After years of frustration, we learned our middle daughter needed vision therapy. I didn’t fully understand what traveling 4 hours away once a week for 34 weeks would look like!! Then we met Carissa, who answered so many questions! Zing is the perfect fit for our family! Two of our daughters and going through the program and we can do it at home or on the go for a fraction of the cost! I tell moms all the time that having your child assessed through Zing is such an easy process. We have never looked back!

My Story

A journey of discovery

When members of my family were faced with complicated health issues, I felt like I was at my wit’s end and without any solutions. I refused to accept the idea of simply masking the symptoms. The importance of a whole-body approach began to unfold right before my eyes.

That’s when I dove headfirst into natural lifestyle approaches and following simple yet powerful nutrition adjustments. I worked relentlessly to find and provide the assistance our family needed. As a result, we have simply never been healthier.

It wasn’t until I lost my Dad to dementia, that I began to see more clearly the power of TODAY and the importance of helping families to live healthier. It was a hard wake-up call in my life.

Too many people’s health issues hold them back from living a life that allows them to invest in the things that mean the most. I began to see that many families simply lacked the tools to transform their health and live optimally.

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Zing Performance

Zing is a unique brain-tergeting program that drives development of key skills by performing specialized coordinative exercises that can be carried out right in your home.

Who is Zing for?

  • Kids struggling with poor focus, learning impairments and short term memory issues.
  • Adults suffering with organization issues, low confidence, or poor reading and writing skills.
  • Athletes looking to improve performance consistency, emotional control, focus and concentration.
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